Monday, January 29, 2007

Hey, that song sounds like something I should be singing

- The new My Little Airport single "Graduation turns to Unemployment" is pricking my thin school-less jobless skin very hard. One of the verses goes like this:

I had 39 job interviews in 7 months/Finding a job is harder than finding a husband/I only want to stay at home today.

You can download it on their official site here. Click on the headphone icon (I suggest using some kind of download program like getright because it's kind of an unstable server.)

- American Box Office estimates are out with Epic Movie on top (honestly, why?). Forget the top 3 films, they're too depressing (Epic Movie, Smokin' Aces (I expected more from Joe Carnahan after Narc), and Night at the Museum, in case anyone wanted to know). Pan's Labyrinth is holding up well after the added screens, The Departed gets a surprisingly over-2000-per-screen-average after a rerelease thanks to its Oscar nominations, Letters From Iwo Jima (which more people should be watching) is up 29% after its added screens, Babel (which I still think is an incredible film) also holding up very well after its nominations were announced. Children of Men, unfortunately, dropped another 45% despite its 3 nominations and just being a generally great film. And yet, the top movie in America is a lame recreation of every other blockbuster that doesn't even follow the type of parody its title suggests to do.

Looks like Curse of the Golden Flower figure in the states will stay around 6 million, falling even lower than House of Flying Daggers (11 million)and far below Hero (53 million).

Source: Box office Mojo

- Hong Kong box office for Sunday also out. As with last weekend, Blood Diamond and Happy Birthday take the top spots again, with Blood Diamond holding up really well, scoring HK$650,000 on 31 screens (not a spectacular Sunday gross, but really good for a second week film) with the over-140-minute-inflation-ticket-price for a HK$5.82 million total. Look for it to cross the HK$ 10 million line. Happy Birthday does HK$470,000 on 33 screens for HK$5.34 million so far, and it may hit up to 8 million. Not bad for a film with just Louis Koo and Rene Liu. Babel is making a comeback with HK$220,000 on 14 screens (none of which probably is playing more than 2 or 3 showings a day) for 2.93 million so far. As for the new releases, Perfume - The Story of a Murderer is in third place, slightly up from the Thursday gross with HK$340,000 on 21 screens for a HK$1.21 million total so far. It'll be one of the higher grossing German films in recent years, but don't expect it to pass the HK$4 million line. Midnight Sun is DOA with just 160,000 on 16 screens for 550,000 so far. Eternal Summer not as up as I thought with just 80,000 on 8 screens (as opposed to 70,000 on 8 screens on Thursday). Marie Antoinette, however, is holding up very well with 80,000 on just 4 screens. Its total is at 760,000 after 8 days. It's not exactly a Japan-sized success, but it's pretty damn good for a 4-theater release.


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