Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Golden Rock Song of the Day - 8/28/2007

As I wrote in The Golden Gate Meets the Lion Rock, I was at the Jacky Cheung concert yesterday. So of course today I would pick a Jacky Cheung song, except I'm actually going to pick a song he DIDN'T sing. For an pop superstar like Cheung, it's impossible for him to sing every single hits (which was probably the audience didn't have so much patience), so there is quite a big batch to pick from. Today, it's a cover song, which Cheung has quite a few in his long list of hits. Easily found on any compilation, it's "Seeing You Again."

Guess what? The original song's name is actually the same, but I couldn't the video, so there.


YTSL said...

Wow, you a ticket to one of the Jacky Cheung concerts! How far ahead did you book it??

GoldenRockProductions said...

Basically, I had to find out when tickets started selling, kept reloading the URBTIX website at that time, and got those tickets. Now that I'm in HK, though, I'll just go down to a certain music store's ticket outlets and line up really early