Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 5/14/07

As mentioned in the entry today, I've now become a fan of the Japanese band The Blue Hearts, even though they have broken up for about 12 years now. So today's song of the day would be pretty obvious. It's The Blue Hearts' Linda Linda.

You must be wondering why I don't post the cover featured in the film Linda Linda Linda, whose soundtrack offers two Blue Hearts cover tracks, while the spinoff EP offers 3? That's because the trailers actually refrained from showing it, giving me the impression that the band's final performance should be something that's earned throughout the film. So why would I ruin your potential enjoyment (especially now that the film is available on an English-subtitled region 1 DVD) of that by posting the clip here?

Of course, if you don't really care, here it is anyway.

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