Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 5/19/07

Today's song of the day isn't the typical pop crap that I named Songs of the Day (Don't worry, there's still pop crap in this entry). Today we're going classical with Chopin, which means you can find today's track on any compilation of Chopin's works. It's short, and it's mighty depressing. It's Chopin's Prelude op. 28 No.20.

There's obviously no regular music video for it on Youtube, so here's a really talented kid playing it instead:

I was going to post Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic, but I can't find a video of it anywhere. So I'll just show you one way you can ruin a masterpiece. I can't believe Robbie Williams took part in this. It's Take That's cover of Could It Be Magic:

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