Friday, September 28, 2007

The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 9/28/07

- the Tuesday numbers came out for Ang Lee's Lust, Caution in Hong Kong, but I'll leave the reporting to tomorrow when the Thursday numbers come out just to see how well it did on the holiday. Just for record, the Tuesday night showings earned HK$710,000 from 42 screens, which I'm almost sure may be a record for a category III film (at least for screen counts).

- In China, The Sun Always Rises may have opened at second place, but it only made US$598,023 from what is reported as a 600-screen release. That means each screen made less than US$1,000, and it comes with not very good word-of-mouth. However, that can't really be helped, considering that an arthouse release would mean that the film would definitely not make back its US$10 million budget...not that it'll do so at this point either.

Looking at the charts, it's surprising that teen horror film Naraka 19 is actually close to making what Contract Lover did. Not that either of these films were very popular in Hong Kong anyway.

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