Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 9/28/07

- I would've been surprised if you told me six months about that Ang Lee's Lust, Caution will be the Chinese blockbuster of the year in Hong Kong, but Tony Leung's scrotum seems to do wonders in certain circles. On Thursday opening day, which is misleading because no films "opened," Lust, Caution made HK$1.16 million from 62 screens, which has got to be a record for a category III film. If the reports from Edko are correct, the film took an amazing HK$3.01 million on the Wednesday public holiday alone, and a pretty damn good 2.5 day-total of HK$4.88 million. But will it make the targeted HK$15-18 million by the end of the weekend?

What about the other holiday films, you ask? Oxide Pang's The Detective officially opened on Thursday, but was in theaters for 2 days before that as "previews." Minus the HK$220,000 from 28 screens on Thursday, the Aaron Kwok-starring thriller made roughly HK$900,000 over 2 days and a total of HK$1.18 million so far. It should have a pretty solid weekend, but I doubt it'll go anywhere near HK$10 million.

Forget about Wong Jing's Beauty and the Seven, really, forget about it, the movie is shit. Box office-wise, it's doing better than The Nanny Diaries and Stardust, but it's still pretty shitty. On 25 screens, the ensemble comedy made HK$180,000, and has earned a 2.5-day total of just HK$660,000. Honestly, who did they expect to pay to watch Eric Tsang and Nat Chan go up against each other again? Oh, wait, I paid....

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