Monday, July 23, 2007

The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/22/2007

This week ended up being longer, despite having less news. Sorry if it gets back to boring from last week's shorter entry.

The 4th Golden Rock Podcast - 7/22/2007 (right click--->save as. 96 kbps MP3. 16.2 mb. 22:29)

This week's theme song: DJ Shadow - Mongrel Meets Its Maker

This week on the Podcast:

- Preview screenings for Hollywood films in Asia - are they really needed?
-----> Why the hell do I care about box office so much?

- the Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Council saga. How does that affect The Golden Rock?

- the LOSERS and WINNERS of the week.

Please do enjoy, and keep sending those comments in. Thanks for listening!

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