Friday, July 27, 2007

The Golden Rock Song of the Day - 7/26/2007

Today's Song of the Day and I have a bit of history. I first heard it many years ago as a commercial song for an All Nippon Airlines commercial (it was during my high school youtube-less days, I believe). It took me months, and maybe even years, before I found the song's artist, then the song's name, then the album. Luckily, my search was not fruitless, as I eventually grabbed the album from a local Japanese bookstore.

Then the album turned out to be not really that good. Still, the song is still good and possibly worth the search. From Steady & Co. and their album Chambers, it's "Only Holy Story."

I couldn't find the original commercial, so here's 20 minutes of Japanese commercials to make it up. There are some gems in there.

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