Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/23/07

The big hoopla just before the release of Stephanie Sun's 2003 album "To Be Continued" was her
newfound music influence from her trip to India. Of course, that turned out to be another gimmick, since she's pretty much singing the same style of pop songs 4 years later. Today's song of the day is inspired by a song I found in Sun's latest album "Against the Light". Specifically, the track is track 5 Unforgettable (not a translated title, it was the English title given to the song in the booklet), which I felt resemble"I'm Not Sad," which I felt was the best track from "To be Continued." Of course, that's because it's written by the same composer. So today's song of the day is Stephanie Sun's "I'm Not Sad."

Why? Sun's voice have always been fit for this type of slow ballad that builds up into a big climax, and it was perfect for this song. It's Karaoke-friendly pop stuff, but at least it's classy Karaoke-friendly pop stuff.

Here's "Unforgettable," or what I called in the review "the unofficial companion song to 'I'm Not Sad.'"

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