Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/7/07

The song for today first appeared on the now out-of-print "Nothing Really Matters" album, and can now be found on various compilations. I remember this album because it was his last at the now-defunct Capital Artist label. Even today, many many albums and hit singles later, this song remains my favorite of his singles, though not a favorite of fans since it's not a particularly Karaoke-friendly tune. The theme song for the underrated film Twelve Nights, it's Eason Chan's "Dark Nights Never Come Again"

Why? The lyrics, the bare piano arrangement, the masterful vocal roller coaster Eason manages to pull off are so rarely seen in HK pop anymore. In fact, even the once great Chan Fai Yeung haven't done more than repeat old tricks for the last 4 years. This song is sadly a "once upon a time" type of song.

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