Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/14/07

Today's Song of the Day is from Jonathan Lee, better known as famed musician and Sandy Lee's ex-husband. Also victim of a Jackie Chan public drunken rampage. Anyway, the song is "Loneliness is Hard to Bear."

Why? Because it's a depressing subject done in a light and breezy fashion rarely seen in Chinese pop. Lee approaches the whole subject with a "meh, what can you do?" attitude that carries a bit of that gruff machismo that's also a bit of fun.

Jonathan Lee's original version:

Good thing about this song is that different performers all bring different interpretations of it to the table. Chet Lam did his accoustic version at a small live show (he changed the lyrics where Lee sings "30 [years old]is coming soon" to "30 just arrived." Cute.).

And Harlem Yu did his American idol audition version on his show.

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