Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/28/07 - follow-up

Thanks to Pedestrian Y's comment, she has helped me found another cover of Mika Nakashima's "Yuki No Hana." After her comment, I was reminded of ANOTHER cover of it last year, and it's a direct Japanese cover. These two covers have something in common - they're both sang at unusually high key by men.

First, Park Hyo Shin's Snow Flower (Thanks Pedestrian Y!), which you can find on this album.

Then, we have the Japanese cover, which was probably inspired by the Koreans' ability to realize the song can be done with a male voice, done by Hideaki Tokunaga on this single (It was actually on the Oricon singles chart too).

I could sing it that high too, it'd just be creepy, and no one wants to see a video of THAT, right?

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