Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/27/07

Today's song of the day is unfortunately only available in its incomplete version. It was never released as a single, and it's available on three separate albums - The out of print compilation Early Times, Love Psychedelico III, and on the live CD Live Psychedelico. Me, I was at the show myself. It's Love Psychedelico's "Neverland."

Why? Because it's Love Psychedelico's 7-minute ultimate emo epic. Because you could hear a pin drop in the Budokan when they did this song. Because I was damn near reduced to tears listening to lead singer Kumi deliver that final section, which is sadly NOT in the following video. This is all I can manage, but you can watch the whole thing on the DVD, which I also reviewed.

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