Friday, March 23, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/22/07

Today's song of the day was going to be something else, but I was reminded of good old "Kokujin Tensai." Unlike those guys, I wanted to put up some more "authentic" Japanese hip-hop just because some of this stuff is actually good. So today, we got Zeebra, who is known as the first Japanese rapper, from his album The New Beginning. It's "Street Dreams."

Why? Because the hook is addictive, the guy isn't all about sex and bling-bling (although it does have that egotistic self-promotion stuff), and as he raps in his chorus, he's the "number one hip-hop person." It's not something I'd agree with, but I can't really afford to not agree with the father of Japanese hip-hop, can I?

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